Glock 9mm Gen 5 – the New Glock Pistol Line

Announced firsthand by the site ““, Glock, the Austrian manufacturer of pistols, has just launched its new generation of pistols: the Glock 9mm Generation 5. The models available in this are, for now, the G17 and G19 models, both in 9mm Parabellum caliber .

Before we talk about the new models, let us briefly recall the previous generations. Generation 1 was introduced in 1982 and as early as 1988 Generation 2 was launched; the most notable difference was the addition of embossed texturing on the front and back of the gun cable. In 1998 Generation 3 was presented and the most significant changes were the new texturization of the cable and a rest for the big toe, as well as a rail so that accessories could be assembled. It was also released what is called Generation 3.5, in which the only difference was again, the texturing of the gun cable, now using the so-called RTF2. Later in 2010, Generation 4 was introduced to the market with new cable texturing (called RTF3), backstrapsa small tuning of the weapon, the retention of the loader is greater and can be changed to the right side of the weapon, for ambidextrous use. A double recoil spring was also introduced in this generation. For more information on previous generations, you can check out this article .


Let’s cite now the main changes of the new Generation of the 9mm Glock, the Glock Generation 5:


1. nDLC finish on barrel and bolt

The nDLC finish gives the bolt and barrel of the Glock Generation 5 a more durable protection than the tenanted finishes, used in the old generations. This type of finish is for Glock’s exclusive use, and it enhances protection against corrosion and scratches. This finish will be, for the time being, exclusively for Glock Generation 5 guns.


2. Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB)

The new Generation 5 Glock has improved the rationing of its pipes, its crown is fairer to the projectile, making firing even more accurate than an ar 15 normal.


3. Removal of the finger grooves

This change was for many of the most important of the new generation Glock 5. There were many complaints that, when removing the weapons of the old generation, it was necessary to fit the fingers in the correct spaces, , especially if the shooter wore gloves or possessed thicker fingers. Generation 5 has thus gained, improved ergonomics and comfort of the grip.


4. Hold on the ambidextrous bolt

For me, I’m left-handed, this was one of the most important changes. In the new Glock Generation 5 an ambidextrous reloader has finally been added, although most left-handed shooters I know have been forced to adapt to handling a weapon with their left hand, pushing the buttons correctly is undoubtedly more safe and comfortable.


5. Sleeve for quick reloads

A small sleeve was added to Glock Generation 5 at the bottom of the gun cable, similar to those used on IPSC competitors’ guns, but smaller. This new aspect of the weapon was made to facilitate and expedite the change of loaders in moments that hundredths of seconds make the difference between being alive or dead.


6. New Charger

The new Glock Generation 5 charger now has an orange ammo carrier, to make it easier for the operator to see how many ammunition is left. in addition, the bottom of the charger has also been extended, to facilitate the exchange of chargers.


7. Security of the precursor

Internally it is possible to see some differences between the Glock Generation 4 and Glock Generation 5. First, we see the difference between the safety of the precursor, rather than using a circular metal pin, was made a square ramp, where these ramps will help the trigger bar move softer against the trigger lock.


8. Interchangeability of Chargers of Old Versions

Although not so important to say, Glocks generators 3 and 4 loaders will also work on Glock Generation 5. In addition to most holsters, they should also serve this generation.


9. Trigger Mechanism

The Glock 9MM Single Stack Generation 5 trigger mechanism also had some changes. In the new generation, the trigger bar no longer has a spring resting on a connector. In Glock Generation 5 the trigger bar slides into a space that accommodates the trigger mechanism. The Glock Generation 5 trigger return spring has been replaced and moved into the trigger mechanism housing.


10. New set of sights

In addition to the already popular polymer sights, the new Ameriglo GLOCK Spartan Operator has been added to Glock Generation 5 as a factory option.


The Glock Generation 5 has not yet officially launched in the market but it is already out in e-arms where they offer glock 9mm for sale, something that should happen in the coming days. The FBI, the US Federal Police, has decided to use the new Glock 17M model, which is already part of the family of the new generation of Glock pistols. We hope to see it soon in the national market, with the possible opening of the market already expected in the new R-105, which is about to leave.



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