Utilities of Fiberglass Pools

Swimming pools generally are constructed from materials like concrete, metal, fiberglass or plastic and come in various shapes and size. Out of these, fiberglass pool generally refers to one piece composite structure, already fabricated at the factory, within the controlled atmosphere. The composite base is generally made of 3-4 layers which include gel-coat, woven fiberglass cloth, vinyl ester, polyester resin and sealer coat. The best thing about this kind of swimming pools that they can be delivered to the owner’s place in ready to be installed condition only. Among these, Toronto Fiberglass Pools are world famous for their sound quality and construction.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools


Fiberglass Pools are not a new phenomenon. It has been in use for the past 60 years, approximately. The idea was originated from the concept of a fiberglass boat. Like a fiberglass boat of high quality, fiberglass pools Toronto also have no lifetime limit. Its chance to survive for a long period makes it so much popular.

Why Toronto Fiberglass Pools:

Unlike the other swimming pools, fiberglass pools are totally built inside the controlled atmosphere of the factory. It is delivered to the owner entirely in ready to put inside the ground condition. Only 4 or 5 days after the approval, one can swim in it, unlike the other concrete pools.

Unlike the other pools, fiberglass pools Toronto have very smooth and clean gel-coat finish which doesn’t interact with either the water or the skin, causing absolutely no harm. The gel-coat finish enables the owner to maintain the pool easily. As the entire surface is very smooth and non-porous the owner can clean it easily and also it can resist stain. There is very low chemical usage in the making of fiberglass pools of Toronto.

As it’s mentioned already, fiberglass pools are known for their immense strength. Concrete pools easily develop cracks and need regular re-plastering. Vinyl liners also have the tendency to tear from time to time which costs a fortune to replace. Fiberglass pools in this regard, are very low maintenance.

Besides these technical details, another great part is that Toronto fiberglass pools come in different shapes, size and shades. Using the ultra-modern pool technology, fiberglass pools can be made with several different tile patterns, in-floor cleaning system and different kinds of lighting like fiber optic lighting and so on. The coloring is also done according to the owner’s choice along with chosen amount of shimmer or sparkle and so on.

These are the reasons why fiberglass pools are so popular today.

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